RaysExperts 63 MW Solar Power Park Technical Audit and Performance Assessment

Project Key Highlights

Project Size: 63 MW
Project Type: Technical Audit and Performance Assessment
Project Developer & Location: RaysExperts, Gajner, Rajasthan
Area Covered: 400 acres
Highlights: One of the India’s largest solar park.

Project Overview

This project is an EPC of 2.5MW cumulative solar PV power plants along with its subsequent O&M work post commissioning. The solar PV power plants comprises of four 250KW project each at Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Rajmundary, Amravati and one 1.5MW power plant at Bawal, Haryana. The 250KW Aurangabad and Hyderabad projects have been commissioned in March 2016. The planned commissioning timelines for the remaining underway projects of Rajahmundry, Amravati is April 2016 and that of 1.5 MW Bawal solar PV power plant is May 2016.